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Women Seeing Ourselves Through God's Eyes

God made both men and women in His image

(Genesis 1:27)

Jesus had both male and female disciples

(Acts 9:36)


God describes himself as both a Father and a mother

(Hosea 11:3-4)

He repeatedly uses female-body imagery and childbirth analogies to describe how he cares about- and nurtures- us

(Isaiah 42:14-15)

It's clear that we as women are cherished by God.

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So, what does God say about the female body, our womb, and our menstrual cycle?

We all know how the modern day church has treated women and espoused patriarchy, but does the Church's views accurately reflect God's views?

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'From Felicia' is an online space where we can explore together what God has to say about our female existence, our bodies, our wombs, and our menstrual cyles.

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