My Second Spiritual Awakening...

I'd left my Christian upbringing partly because I felt disempowered by a religion I believed was deeply rooted in misogyny and patriarchy.


Most churches never spoke about the female attributes of God.


There were murmurings in some churches that women should never speak up in church, shouldn't wear trousers, and shouldn't be ordained.


The Bible also seemed to have a disapproving view of menstruating women and seemed to blame women for 'the fall of man'.


I, therefore, found myself attracted to spiritual paths that appeared to be more female-centric.


These philosophies helped me feel body-empowered and connected with nature- feelings I didn't realise I lacked when I was a Christian.


But they didn't give me inner peace.


I loved the emphasis placed on sisterhood, on connecting with our menstrual cycle, on healing from past traumas etc.

But I kept feeling a nudge in my spirit that Jesus is the true way to spiritual enlightenment.

So, I decided to start researching about Jesus and early Christianity for myself- 

I realised the Church (somewhat understandably) only teaches about certain topics and leaves things that may be too controversial for the masses to hear to individuals to research and discover in their own private time with God.

That doesn't mean that Christianity and things like the importance of sisterhood and connecting with our cycles are incompatible... it just means we have to look beyond the surface to discover the interconnections.

Image by Ashley Byrd

God loves our breasts, our wombs, our cycles... He created them.

God wants us to find rest & revitalization in nature... He created it.

God wants us to see ourselves as divine beings worthy of love & adoration...He created us in His own image.

These are Christian truths that are available for us to discover-


But we need to be willing to actually read the Bible...


Willing to spend time talking to God and asking (and waiting) for revelation & understanding...


Willing to seek God for ourselves and not just rely on our church & our pastors for information...

This is my intention with 'From Felicia'

I want to show that Christianity & loving ourselves and everything that makes us womBmen are not incompatible...

An Exploration of Faith, Womanhood & The Female Body