Grandma Felicia 1916 - 2006

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Shalom (peace), goddess.


I'm Rachel Abi and I am Felicia's granddaughter.

I created this online space in response to a call I felt after embarking on my own womb/yoni healing journey in 2016.

My experience left me shaken up. I found it hard to trust others, I was disappointed with myself, and I was scared that if I just tried to bury everything away that my hurt, my emotions & unhealed trauma would rear their ugly head years later and ruin the stable life I was trying to build.


So, I went online and I searched. I searched for a local therapist and I also searched specifically for ways to heal from womb trauma.

I came across yoni steaming, yoni eggs, womb yoga and more. I made notes, I bookmarked pages, and I told myself that I was safe and could trust the process of these new things I was learning.

Overtime, I began to heal. The slow & gentle yoni practices offered a nice contrast to the counselling programme that was more structured, time-boxed & linear in nature.


The practices - especially the herbs - reminded me of my late grandmother. She believed in holistic healing and used to create her own herbal infusions for my cousins back in Nigeria whenever they felt ill.

She also took her teas to other houses in her village- creating herbal teas for young girls having their first bleed- her way of encouraging the female collective to look after our bodies using holistic woman-centric methodologies. 

'From Felicia' is a re-weaving of ancient holistic knowledge passed down from grandmother to mother, mother to granddaughter.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

I care about helping women heal from their womb/yoni trauma. I know from personal experience that trauma to our feminine center can leave us feeling lost, hurt, disempowered, resentful & consumed with grief.

We need a space to heal. No one can understand our pain more than another woman can. That's why I teach feminine practices such as yoni steaming, breast massage, pelvic floor exercises & herbal tea drinking- these allow our healing process to be gentle, slow, messy, introspective, non-linear, and personalised.

I believe in using plants over pills and although I've completed an online Master Herbalism Diploma, I refrain from using the 'Master Herbalist' title because phytotherapy truly requires years and even decades of learning & in-person practice.

Nevertheless, women having the choice to use natural & holistic healing modalities is important to me. 

All of my offerings are 100% natural. 95% of our herbs are organic and I use organic oils where possible. Our herbs & tea blends don't contain any fillers, additives, or other nasties.

My intention is to educate women about how we can re-connect with our feminine essence- how to create a loving relationship with our cycle, our womb space, our bodies & with mother nature. I want this platform to be a space of learning, sharing, and safety. I want you to learn something every time you read an Instagram post or a blog post. And, I hope to help you believe that you can be - and already are - your own healer, divinely supported by the earth herself.