Connecting To Your Divine Feminine

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

But I Don't Feel "Divine"...

Every woman is divine.

Every man is divine.

The meaning of the scripture "God created human beings, making them to be like himself" is later explained by the book of Psalm that reads 'Indeed.."you are gods; you are all children of the Most High".'

So, if we are made in the likeness of God, and if we are children of God, it's reasonable to conclude that we are gods and goddesses.

Yes, you are a goddess.

Let that sink in.

Why Do I Feel Everything BUT "Divine"?

Because we've lived under patriarchal rule for hundreds of years and patriarchy has dominated the industrialised world- the world's vision of 'success'- for hundreds of years.

Because we've been told by those in leadership- i.e. men- that our femininity is evil. That our feminine expression is bad. That it should be hidden. That women with insight and foresight and healing knowledge should be killed. That the only way for women to 'get ahead' in life and be successful is if they act like men, dress like men, and dim that which makes them feminine.

This conditioning has been injected into our education systems. It's infiltrated into politics, and western medicine, and religion, and almost every other part of modern-day life.

We're taught that women only have value if we outwardly satisfy the eyes of men.

We've been taught that diversity is unimportant. That we should all aspire to look the same, live the same, believe the same.

This is why we don't feel divine.

Society doesn't want us to return to our bodies, to explore ourselves, to spend time in nature. Anything that may help us remind us of our feminine power is to be deemed 'crazy', 'woo woo', not to be taken seriously.

How We Can Start To Re-Connect Back To Our Divine Feminine Essence

a) Acknowledge The Seasons and The Cycles

This is about going within and paying attention to our body's natural feminine cycle.

Our body feels different, behaves differently, and looks different during each stage of our cycle.

Ask yourself, "how can I start living in sync with my cycle?" "Do I push myself and prioritise others when my body's supposed to be resting and entering her winter (bleeding) phase?" "Am I planting seeds and trying to climb to the next level when my cycle is entering her winter and autumn phases?"

Our body has seasons like the earth. Her cycle is like that of the moon.

There's a time for planting (planning & preparing while resting; this is your bleed week).

There's a time for taking action (working on new or existing projects; this is week 2 of your cycle).

There's a time for collaborating (planning, working, pitching & testing ideas; this is your ovulation week).

And, there's a time for completing / harvesting (reflecting and releasing); this is your PMS week).

Schedule in rest. Rest is not for the weak. Rest is not a bad thing. Rest allows us to pull back and expand and create space, change direction, check in with yourself.

If you're not doing so already, start to track your cycle so you know when you will be entering and exiting each of the four stages of your cycle during the month.

b) Actively Participate In (And Support) The Female Collective

This is about moving past the fear of developing friendships with other women.

Not allowing yourself to sit around feeling jealous of other women when you see them succeeding.

This is about going out of your way to connect with other females through women circles, red tent gatherings, meet-up groups, women networks at work, etc.

It's about simply spending time with other women in a supportive, 'I'm there for you' capacity.

c) Connect With Your Womb Space

With both thumbs, trace 2-3 inches below your belly button. That's approximately where your womb is.

Spread your hands out into a downward facing triangle shape. Keep your hands there.

What does this space mean to you?

What feelings start to come up when you focus on your womb?

Do certain memories re-surface? Certain images? Certain feelings? Or is there emptiness? Nothing at all? Silence? Unfamiliarity?

The womb space is your deepest feminine center.

Underneath where your fingertips lie are your ovaries. Does it feel slightly warmer there? Is the skin slightly softer there? Take in what you're noticing. It's ok if you're noticing nothing at all.

The womb is where we as women carry our hope, our dreams, our shame, our pain, our sexuality, our desires.

For a lot of us, that space is scary to deal with because those emotions are hurtful, they make us feel small and vulnerable again, they make us feel like a child, powerless.

Connecting to your feminine essence is not about trying to change those emotions. It's just about becoming aware of them and holding space for them without judgement or reprimand.

d) Connect With Your Heart Space

Your heart feels- just like your womb feels.

Your heart is open and receptive- just like your yoni.

The heart and the womb are connected because they are two of the three energy centers of the body (the third is the pineal gland).

Imagine your womb and your heart are like a flower- connected by a plant stem and co-existing as one system together.

Imagine your plant stem travelling upwards through your womb to your heart and your heart being the blossoming, flowering part of the flower.

Imagine the roots from your womb travelling down deep into your pelvis, down into the earth.

When you start to trust your womb and everything it brings you- good-feeling emotions and uncomfortable-feeling emotions- you start to trust your heart.

e) Rediscover The Lost Parts of Yourself

Reclaim the lost pieces.

We can challenge society that tells us we need to express more masculine traits to succeed in the workplace, in our relationships, in society.

The right hand side of your body is known as the divine feminine side of the body. Life should be about achieving balance.

Close your eyes. What does it mean to you for you to be nurturing? For you to live your life intuitively? For you to start being more receptive? For you to be gentle? For you to 'be' rather than 'do'?

Give yourself permission to express yourself through your clothes, through your hair, through your makeup- or no makeup!

Allow yourself to be more physically affectionate. Allow yourself to receive more physical affection.

Take accountability for past experiences. Tell yourself that you're deciding today that you will grow and learn from them.


Let's Close With Some Divine Feminine Affirmations (inspired by Nichoel Ann)

  • "I am deeply in touch with the power of being a woman"

  • "I approve of myself"

  • "I am confident yet humble, strong yet gentle"

  • "I respect the journeys of other women"

  • "I honour the gifts in myself and I honour the gifts in other women"

  • "I know that the light in other women does not dim the light in me but rather makes it brighter"

  • "I support and encourage other women and receive the same kindness in return"

  • "I am building beautiful and deep relationships with other women easily and effortlessly"

  • "My cup is overflowing. Therefore, I give as often as I can"


Rachel Abi

(From Felicia Founder)

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