How To Do A Self Breast Massage...

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Our breasts are a part of our yoni- healing / yoni-connection journey... there's a deep and intricate connection between our yoni and our breasts.

  • Although they're not located near our yoni temple, they (specifically the nipples) have nerve endings that trigger uterine contraction & vaginal stimulation when aroused...

  • In Tantra, our breasts are considered our 'positive pole' and our yoni our 'receptive pole'. In order to open & access the power of the yoni it's believed to be essential to activate the breasts first and foremost.

Our breasts are mostly fat tissue, connective tissue, milk ducts, nerves, and lymph glands. The lymphatic system is how our body drains toxins and waste out of the body. Our lymph glands are really important to breast health. Tight bras and tight tops restrict our lymph circulation leading to toxins building up in our body which can lead to unwanted diseases.

Why Massage Our Breasts...

yoni steaming

  • Our breasts are deeply connected to our lymphatic & nervous systems. Massaging helps to break up blocked lymphatic fluid, toxins, and excess estrogen and energy that may be present in this region

  • Ancient Chinese physicians believe that our breasts are an extension of our heart - they are connected to our heart and house our deepest emotional wounds and our greatest capacity for [giving and receiving] love. In Tantric and Taoist traditions, breast massage is the go-to way to connect with heart-centred qualities (love, compassion, connection).

  • Breast massage releases oxytocin (the feel good hormone). Oxytoxin helps us connect to our body and disperses heavy feelings such as tension, stress, resentment, heartbreak, and negative body image which can affect our breast tissue

  • Breast massage helps increase blood circulation to the breast tissues and so keeps them healthy, prevents soreness & swelling, may prevent sagging, and may help prevent tumour growth

  • Breast massage can restore sensitivity to the breasts if we’ve been experiencing numbness

  • Breast massage can increase fullness and perkiness to the breast

  • Breast massage connects us to our divine feminine energy, especially if done with a calming, nourishing breast massage oil to help our fingers glide softly against our skin

  • Self-breast massage is different to a sexual massage or a breast exam because it is filled with deep love and gentleness- not fear or lust. It’s about cultivating stillness and calm. We rarely tell ourselves ‘I love you’ and rarely send loving energy to our body... breast massage is our chance to open, soften, and let our defences and guards down.

When to breast massage...

  • After having a shower in the morning or evening

  • Just before bed

How to do a breast massage...

Allowing our partner(s) to give us a (non-sexual) breast massage is a great way to build deeper trust and connection within our relationships.

However, if you want to build self-love, body acceptance, and trust of your ability to make heart/love-based decisions, you may be ready to try a self-breast massage.

There are various ways to give yourself a breast massage- as long as it feels good to you, you're doing it right.

Duration: roughly 10 minutes

Start out by removing your bra and liberally applying a nourishing massage oil to your breasts to help your fingers glide easily over your delicate breast tissue during your massage*.

Choose any of the below massage techniques, massaging one breast at a time and using light pressure:

Method 1: Video demo of how to do your own self-breast massage:

Method 2: Take one hand and place it on the breast that's on the opposite side of your body (your fingertips will be pointing towards your armpit and your palm resting on your chest).

Gently squeeze your hand over your breast, so that you create a pumping motion.

Continue this pumping motion and slowly move your hand down your breast towards your nipple, around the outside, bottom & inner breast.

Repeat this massage on your other breast.

Method 3: Place your hand over your nipple and start massaging your breast tissue in a circular motion.

Move from the nipple towards the outside of the breasts (the side of the body).

Repeat this circular motion, massaging towards the armpit, then towards the centre of the chest & continue in this 'wheel' until you return to the outside of the breast.

Notice the way your breasts feel during the massage.

Take the massage up to your shoulder blades, your neck, and your jaw.

Breath deeply and slowly during your massage.

*The From Felicia Lavender & Rose Breast Massage Oil is infused with Arabian oils, dried rose petals, chamomile flowers & other sacred botanicals to add that extra element of luxury to your breast massage. Check it out here

Peace and Blessings,

Rachel Abi

(From Felicia Founder)


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