New + Full Moon Yoni Healing Affirmations

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Yoni steaming on the new and full moon provides your spirit, cells, and mind with heightened awareness of- and connection to- our universe's feminine energy (the moon is feminine; the sun is masculine).

Energetically, the new and full moons are great times to yoni steam, do pelvic massages, womb yoga etc.

(This is so unless you bleed on the new or full moon - don't yoni steam during your period! Instead, use these affirmations as part of a womb meditation exercise).

These affirmations are to help you have a more intentional and nature-connected yoni steam.

They are to help awaken your natural femininity even more and help you start to form a conscious relationship with your feminine side.

New Moon: a time to set intentions and meditate

🌿 New Moons are a time for reflection and withdrawal.

🌿 They're a great reminder from Mother Nature to tune in and have some quiet time to yourself.

🌿 The moon darkens and withdraws.

🌿 Similarly, withdraw into the safety and comfort of your goddess space.

🌿 Dim the lights. Meditate. Set intentions. Journal. Yoni Steam. Roll out your mat and do some womb yoga.

🌿 The dark moon is all about self-care and withdrawal.

Full Moon: a time to review, release, and course-correct

🌿 Full moons are significant because they illuminate (both the sky and our life). 🌿 We see clearer under a full moon. 🌿 We can no longer hide under a full moon. 🌿 Emotions are brought to the surface. 'Right' pathways and choices become clearer. The seeds of recent labours are likely to bear fruit. 🌿 Sync your yoni steam ceremony with the full moon because of the above and ALSO because full moons are connected to the water element of nature (water is essential for a yoni steam). 🌿 Review and journal during your full moon yoni steam... Did you achieve your new moon intentions?. 🌿 If so, what made things work well (so you may repeat your successes next time)? If not, what could you have done differently?. 🌿 Also, think about soaking/charging your herbs under the full moon. Place them outside in a bowl in your garden, on your balcony, or on your windowsill overnight, so they absorb the moonlight. 🌿 You can also charge the water you'll use for your steam under the moonlight too! Place the pot of water you intend to use for your next v-steam outside (or on your windowsill) to 'charge', so that even the water you're steaming with is holy.

Happy yoni steaming!

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