My Updated Yoni Steam Routine

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Since my last post, I've received many requests to do an updated yoni steaming tutorial.

If you read the post or watch my Instagram stories, you already know that I've fallen in love with using an electric hot plate to steam with because it makes the water stay hot for longer (i.e. I can enjoy my yoni steam for 20 minutes or even more as the water never grows cold!.

In this video, I show exactly how I yoni steam now and how to use a hot plate too if this is something you're interested in.

(I didn't include blessing your herbs prior to steaming with them and/or charging your yoni water with positive intentions, because I wanted to keep this routine simple enough for beginners. However, if you're interested in these, check out the water blessing and herb blessing blog posts.)

The hot plate I have is from Amazon and the stool I use is also from Amazon. The herbs I use is the From Felicia Balanced Goddess Blend.

Remember, some womBmen should not yoni steam for longer than 10 minutes at a time. This may be you if you:

  • have an IUD or coil (steaming can cause the uterus to contract, resulting in your IUD moving out of place or falling out completely. It is also unclear whether longer exposure to steam may affect an IUD's hormone release, so stick to steams of 10 minutes only or less.)

  • have experienced hot flashes and/or night sweats within the last month (you don't want to worsen them by introducing excessive heat into the body)

  • have - or are prone to having - an active sexually transmitted infection, cervical or uterine infection, or ovarian inflammation (as steaming for longer than 10 minutes may cause an outbreak if you're already prone to infections and/or make your infection worse, so stick to steams of 10 minutes only or less to shorter steams may help treat the infection)

  • have a short menstrual cycle (27 days or shorter as longer steams may cause your period to come even earlier)

  • are prone to having fresh spotting in between your periods (steaming for longer may cause heavier bleeding; remember do not steam at all if you are *currently* experiencing spotting)

  • have experienced spontaneous bleeding in between periods or two periods per month within the past 6 months (remember, if you've experienced this within the last 3 months, you should not be steaming at all)

If none of the above apply to you, then go ahead and try this method!

I hope you find the video helpful.

Rachel Abi xo

(From Felicia Founder)

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