Sacred Cacao Ceremonies and Yoni Steaming...

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Today I'm introducing you to another form of plant medicine..... cacao.

yoni steaming

The Maya (the indigenous people of Mexico & Central America) have used cacao in healing ceremonies for thousands of years.

It comes from the cacao bean and is mixed with natural sugar, cacao butter, and water- supposed to be drank as a warm liquid from either a cup or a mug.

There are many physical benefit to drinking cacao (it's high in iron, releases endorphines and dopamine, helps balance blood sugar levels and more) but there are also many spiritual benefits too...

Cacao is said to help open the heart, helping us to connect with ourselves more deeply and with our inner power, strength, and truth.

Cacao Ceremonies...

These usually involve sitting in sacred circle with others, sharing what you intend to let go of, and setting your intention for the path looking forward.

The cacao helps with opening the heart chakra, hearing the inner voice of our true selves, and coming back into alignment with who we truly are.

Ceremonies usually end with a dance (to activate the cacao within the heart & body to create transformation).

This is why cacao and yoni steaming go so well together...

Ways to integrate sacred cacao into your at-home yoni steam ceremony:

1) Drink warm ceremonial cacao during your DIY yoni steam to help yourself switch off and retreat inwards;

2) Journal during your cacao-yoni steam to gain clarity on where you are in life right now on your journey and where you're headed. Things you may want to journal about:

  • your current relationship or season of singleness;

  • how you've been feeling recently during the different phases of your cycle, how you've been feeling on cross-over days, the changes you've noticed in your mood, in your body, in your PMS etc.;

  • your current [personal and ancestral] yoni trauma healing journey (how you've felt on good days, how you've made it through 'bad' days, whether you've been looking after yourself, thoughts that have come up for you);

  • what you've been learning about shakti energy, womb wisdom, and using mother nature for more meaningful living;

  • how you've been honouring your divine feminine energy and ways you may be able to achieve greater balance between the masculine & feminine energies

3) End your cacao-yoni steam with a gentle womb dance... slow hip circles and sensual wines to encourage circulation into the yoni area, to release stagnation in the womb space (whether physical or energetic), and to awaken feminine energy in our most sacred parts

This month from the 17th onwards (the new moon) we're hosting a cacao giveaway with our womb sister Melissa, from Third Eye Tribe.

Melissa has kindly gifted us 15 sample bags of ceremonial cacao to accompany every yoni steaming blend order placed from the 17th onwards (until cacao stocks last).

Keep your eyes peeled for when the giveaway starts...

I'll be sending you reminders via Instagram and posting more about this ancient pathway to healing and how we as wombmen can integrate cacao into our cycles and yoni steaming practice.

Peace and Blessings,

Rachel Abi

(From Felicia Founder)


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