White Moon Bleeding

A goddess understands her menstrual cycle.

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If you are a 'white moon bleeder': 🌿 You ovulate during the full moon 🌕 and bleed with the new / waning moon 🌑. This means that you're fertile around the full moon- just like the earth (the earth is most fertile during full moons). 🌿 You may feel more connected to your intuition during your period. You therefore are likely to find it helpful if you withdraw during your bleed to take time out for yourself and re-energise.

🌿 You may also feel like you have a 'motherly' energy about you. Use this fertile energy to create new things in your life. 🌿 Your body is likely to change / have changed over time. You may become a 'red moon bleeder' at a different point in your life. 🌿 You may find it super grounding to yoni steam just before your period to help your body ease into the reflective and quiet-time phase of her cycle.

Disclaimer: there is no 'right' or 'wrong' time to bleed. Just take notice of what your body is doing and how she's feeling (physically and energetically) over the course of the 28-day lunar cycle.

Overtime, you may find that you start to bleed during a different stage of the lunar cycle (e.g. you were once a 'white moon bleeder' but now are a 'red moon bleeder)- this is normal as our bodies change overtime.

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