Yoni Tea Ceremony- An Introduction (1/2)

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Tea drinking is an ancient healing ritual.

There's healing in the herbs themselves and then there's also healing in the practice of making and pouring the tea.

yoni steaming

Last year, I discovered 'tea ceremonies' - the sacred practice of making and drinking tea in silence to forge a deeper connection with nature and with ourselves.

Since then I've been meditating on 'womb/yoni tea ceremonies'- a tea ceremony conducted with the additional purpose of forging a connection with our yoni and with our femininity.

Our yoni is both an oracle and a portal. She gives us messages that guide us and that opens us up to new perspectives, new experiences, and new levels of understanding.

During a womb/yoni tea ceremony, attention is focused on the simplicities of life right in that moment- the sound of the water/kettle boiling, the steam as it rises from the cup, the smell of the herbs or the tea bag...

When we tap into the powerhouse that resides within us- our yoni- and we start to become more aware of - and accepting of- the beauty in ourselves (mankind in a feminine expression), the beauty in our life story so far, and the intuitive that guides us along our journey.

Tea teaches us to slow down and calm down. We already know that plants are our teachers, so we intentionally select yoni-related herbs for our womb teas such as rosemary, motherwort, lady's mantle, and red raspberry.

Your womb tea healing ceremony may be conducted in solitude or in circle with other feminine beings. In part two, I'll be sharing how to actually conduct a womb tea ceremony for yourself at home. Until then, stay well.


Rachel Abi

(From Felicia Founder)


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