Yoni Tea Ceremony- How To Conduct Your Ceremony (2/2)

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

In part one, I introduced you to the concept of sacred yoni tea ceremonies.

Here in part two, I'll be walking you through how to conduct your own at-home yoni/womb tea healing ceremony to help you forge a connection with nature, with yourself, with your yoni, and with your femininity.

yoni steaming

What you will need:

  • water to boil

  • a kettle or pot/pan to boil the water in

  • a cup or mug

  • a tea ball/strainer or disposable tea bag

  • herbal womb/yoni tea (check out our range)

  • comfortable seating

  • a journal

Connecting to the 5 elements of nature (Chinese philosophy):

Regularly drinking herbal teas should become part of your sacred feminine self-care routine because:

  • the warmth, gentleness, and strength of herbal teas help connect you to your feminine essence; and

  • herbal teas also help you connect with the 5 elements of mother earth as the practice necessitates involvement from all 5 elements:

  1. Water (the base of your tea)

  2. Fire (the flame that boils the water)

  3. Earth (your ceramic mug)

  4. Wood (the herbs)

  5. Metal (your spoon & tea ball)

Realising and appreciating this helps you build this sense of connection.

The Ceremony

Preparing your yoni tea:

  • Clear the countertop you'll be making your tea on before you begin so that your mind doesn't start to worry about clutter or dirt during your tea drinking.

  • Keep your mind focused on the present- watch the water boil, listen to the sound of the water bubbling / kettle boiling, notice the steam as it rises up from the mouth of the kettle/pan.

  • Take time to appreciate the herbs before you place them in your cup or tea ball. If you're using loose herbs, before you put them in the bag/ball: smell them, touch them, see how they feel, look at their colours and sizes. If you're using herbs pre-packed in a tea bag: smell the herbs through the bag, spend a few seconds holding the bag in your hands to connect with the herbs.

Making your yoni tea:

  • Place your strainer/tea bag into your cup gently (don't throw it in as we often do).

  • Slowly pour the water over your herbs and brew the herbs for a few minutes (or as desired).

  • Retreat to your seating area of choice and lay your mug down. Watch the vapour as it rises from the cup and disappears into the air. Also, notice the smell of the herbal tea as it enters your senses.

  • Relax.

  • Engage in meaningful dialogue with your mind. What's your mind telling you about your womb story (your life journey so far), about your feminine expression, about your relationships? What memories come to mind? What feelings come to the surface? What people come to mind? Journal these down.

Drinking your yoni tea:

  • Once your cup is warm enough to hold, hold it as you sip your tea slowly.

  • Notice how the mug warms your fingers and creates a soothing effect

  • Pay attention to how the warm liquid feels as it travels through your lips, onto your tongue, down your throat, and down your chest.

  • Continue to journal any thoughts, reflections, and feelings that come up for you in relation to your yoni/womb story.

  • Don't worry about trying to 'heal' from your trauma, trying to solve any relationship problems, identifying potential sources of insecurities, distrust etc. This is just about observing and becoming aware of what's been brewing inside of you and what's been asking to be acknowledged from within your womb.

  • End your yoni tea ceremony with a few yoni affirmations and/or some gentle womb yoga. Close your journal in the knowing and trust that whatever's come up for you during your ceremony will divinely sort itself out. If you believe in Mother Nature- you've engaged her through her elements and she has your back!

Final notes - tips for getting the most out of your practice:

  • Conduct your ceremony in silence (i.e. no music or TV playing in the background)

  • Leave your mobile in another room and on silent (no distractions)

  • Be slow (do this at a time where you won't have to rush or think about the time)

  • Have a comfortable seat ready to use when drinking your tea

  • Try to only focus on the present moment


Rachel Abi

(From Felicia Founder)


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