'Womb Trauma' Defined

Are you not sure whether you've experienced and/or suffer from 'womb trauma'?

Here are the different types of womb trauma we may experience as womBmen.

Societal Trauma

We're always affected - whether consciously or subconsciously- by the things going on in the society we live in and in the world in general.

Most of us don't realise it but when we hear of wars, shootings, natural disasters, car crashes, pandemics etc. this naturally creates fear & worry in our minds.

This constant feed of trauma-based news & information is acknowledged/registered by the brain and body reacts to that trauma news (it may tense up, our eyes may dilate, our heart rate may increase, our stomachs may 'sink') etc.

This is societal trauma- and we hold it as a collective.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shamanism teach that we hold negative emotions & traumas/imprints in and around our womb space and sacral chakra.

Ancestral / Intergenerational / Transgenerational Trauma

Most likely the females who came before us had their own traumatic experiences they had to navigate. Things ranging from slavery, to having to emigrate to a foreign land, to losing a child during childbirth... our ancestors most likely had their own sh*t they went through.

A lot of times women weren't allowed the space and time they needed to heal through these experiences... they were expected to have multiple children, marry young, marry whomever their family chose for them, share their husbands with multiple wives etc.

They were branded 'witches' when they honored their cycles, spent time in nature, and connected with other women...

The field of 'epigenetics' teaches that the emotional trauma our mothers, grandmothers and even great grandmothers felt had the ability to affect the genetics of the eggs they carried in their ovaries (i.e. us) and in this way pass on from generation to generation... in this way we may inherit the traumas of our ancestors and experience a complex form of PTSD.

Personal Emotional Trauma

General life experiences may lead to us feeling negative emotions such as grief, guilt, shame, violation, embarrassment, anger, loss of sense of self, anxiety, fear, etc.

Even if we've suppressed those emotions over time, the emotional trauma will continue to exist until the trauma is released/healed.

Things we may experience that may give rise to emotional trauma are:

  • sexual assault and/or violence

  • childhood abuse and/or neglect

  • losing someone (e.g. through death, a relationship ending, etc.)

  • losing something (e.g. a job, your hair, your home etc.)

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shamanism teach that we hold negative emotions & traumas/imprints in and around our womb space and sacral chakra.

Female-Body Trauma

Things that we experience just as part of being female can be a form of trauma when they cause physical pain, physical scarring, confusion with our body & the way it behaves etc.

Examples of such things may be:

  • painful periods, absent periods, long & heavy periods etc.

  • painful ovulation

  • painful cervical exams

  • hysterectomy

  • ovarian cysts

  • fibroids

  • endometriosis

  • fertility challenges

  • childbirth

  • miscarriage

  • abortion

  • hormonal imbalances

  • cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer etc.

From these definitions of 'womb trauma', you can see that 'womb trauma' has the potential to majorly affect our quality of life if it's not released and left unhealed.

This is why many of us have embarked on this womb wellness journey.



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