Yoni Steaming & Sacred Cacao - Double The Plant Medicine!

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Drinking cacao has so many benefits- it's natural, it's holistic, and when combined with another plant-based healing practice- that of yoni steaming- it helps us connect with nature, connect to our bodies and aids us on our journey to living more intentionally.

I either drink herbal womb teas or cacao during my steams (never drink alcohol or anything else dehydrating while yoni steaming) and got mine from Melissa at https://thirdeyetribe.co.uk/

She'll be doing a virtual sisterhood cacao & steam event on Feb 13th 2021- if you want to join, you may sign up here: https://thirdeyetribe.co.uk/events/sisterhood/

Rachel Abi xo

(From Felicia Founder)


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