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Updated: Aug 12, 2020

'Yoni' is a Sanskrit word meaning 'origin of life' or 'sacred space', hence why it's used to refer to the female reproductive area i.e. the womb, vagina, vulva etc.

'Yoni' is also a Hebrew name deriving from 'Yonatan' or 'Yonathan' and means 'Gift of God' or 'Given from God'.

From Felicia yoni eggs are polished and smoothed natural crystals hand-carved into the shape of an egg.

The egg shape represents new life, hope, resurrection, un-hatched potential, purity, and wealth.

Ancient Chinese and African cultures have been using yoni eggs for thousands of years as a holistic form of kegel (pelvic floor) exercise and for womb meditation and connection.

Today, women continue to use yoni egg crystals as a holistic, natural, and energetic/spiritual alternative to conventional kegel balls that are often laden with chemicals, resins, dyes, plasticizers, etc.

Women also use yoni egg crystals today as a way of connecting to their wombspace, mother earth, and their divine feminine energy.

Why Use A Yoni Egg?

Training your vaginal & pelvic floor muscles to grasp/hold a yoni egg will engage muscles in your reproductive center that usually lie dormant.

Stronger pelvic floor muscles result in:

  • Better bladder control- preventing urine leak/incontinence(often experienced after childbirth)

  • Stronger orgasms- increasing sexual pleasure

  • Toned & tightened vaginal muscles- great for childbirth preparation (to ease labour) and for quicker recovery after childbirth / postpartum

  • Rectified intestinal prolapse

  • Reduced vaginal pain

  • Reduced vaginal dryness

  • Increased circulation to the yoni area

Additionally, crystals have been used for thousands of years. They have a vibrational frequency that we can tap into for healing and self-empowerment. Crystals:

  • connect us to mother nature

  • help us heal from womb traumas e.g. abortions, miscarriages, stillbirths etc. through their energetic frequencies

  • help balance our energy points ('chakras')

  • help re-energise our sexual energy

How To Use Your Yoni Egg

Note 1: beginners may want to just sit with their yoni egg crystal in before advancing to walking with it in, cycling, doing yoga etc.

Note 2: no one will know that you have an egg inside of you- it's discreet like a tampon or menstrual cup.

Note 3: some women choose to not insert their yoni eggs at all - instead they simply use their egg externally, placing it over their womb space (lower belly) and meditating with it, deep breathing, and or doing visualisation exercises with it to connect to their womb and yoni.

  • Cleanse Your Crystal: see below.

  • Lay down on your back and relax. Calm and still your mind. Let go of all expectations.

  • Warm the egg up by placing it against the skin of your lower abdomen (so it sits on top of your womb) and cover it with both hands.

  • Set your intention: your intention will direct the flow of energy from the crystal. With your hands still covering the egg, close your eyes, and take 3 deep breaths. Aloud or in your head, say a womb affirmation such as "my womb is strong, full of life, and full of creativity" or "my womb is my oracle, my portal into this world and others". You may alternatively find a prayer grounding such as "open and clear my womb". End your affirmation/prayer saying "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

  • Insert: remaining relaxed, gently insert the egg into your vagina and push it up until only the string hangs out. The larger end goes in first- you insert the egg 'upside down'. Allow the string to hang outside of your vagina, or if preferred, remove the string entirely and use your egg without it.

  • (Other ways to insert your egg: prop one leg the up on the edge of the bathtub or on the edge of a bed or chair. Slowly ease your egg onto your vagina using the tips of your fingers.)

  • Keep the egg in for about 20-60mins (the egg cannot get 'lost' inside you). If using it for kegel exercises, you may add weights to the string for a more intense workout.

  • Remove: after you've finished connecting with your crystal, squat and gently push it by using (and focusing on) your pelvic floor muscles. Removal is quite easy (push like you're having a bowel movement). Pull the string gently to help with removal.

  • Physically cleanse your egg: see below.

  • Energetic Cleanse: see below.

What About Vaginal / Kegel Exercises?

Yes, you may use your yoni egg for this!

Note: the larger the egg the heavier the weight. Heavier eggs will help build pelvic floor muscle strength.

Contract your vaginal muscles for about 30 seconds and then relax them. Be intentional about how often you repeat this exercise:

  • Repeating 3 times: enhances creativity, creative self-expression, inspiration, social relationships, and optimism.

  • Repeating 4 times: enhances focus on goals, attention to detail, sense of life purpose, and building firm foundations.

  • Repeating 5 times: enhances expression of personal freedom, sense of adventure, and changing course in one's life.

I Heard They Come In Different Sizes?

You're right!

  • Beginners usually start using the largest or medium-sized yoni egg because they are the easiest to hold/grip in the vagina. Starting with a large or medium also helps you begin to develop an awareness of your vaginal and pelvic muscles.

  • As your muscles start to tone & strengthen, reduce the size of the egg as the smaller the egg, the more muscle strength is required to grip the egg.

  • Note: the larger the egg the heavier the weight. Heavier eggs will help build pelvic floor muscle strength.

How Often Should I Use My Egg?

Use the below numerical guide to decide how often you'll use your egg each week:

  • 3 times a week: on a numerical level this enhances creativity, creative self-expression, inspiration, social relationships, and optimism.

  • 4 times a week: on a numerical level this enhances focus on goals, attention to detail, sense of life purpose, and building firm foundations.

  • 5 times a week: on a numerical level this enhances expression of personal freedom, sense of adventure, and changing course in one's life.

Like any other muscle, your vaginal muscles need a rest, so you should not be using your yoni egg every day. Take breaks in between use.

If you'll just be sitting with your egg inside and not doing any kegel exercises with it, use the below numerical guide to decide how many hours you'll leave it in for.

  • 3 hours: on a numerical level this enhances creativity, creative self-expression, inspiration, social relationships, and optimism.

  • 4 hours: on a numerical level this enhances focus on goals, attention to detail, sense of life purpose, and building firm foundations.

  • 5 hours: on a numerical level this enhances expression of personal freedom, sense of adventure, and changing course in one's life.

Cleansing Your Yoni Egg

(1) Physically cleansing your egg:

  • Wash your egg after every use with the soap you use to wash your yoni with (should be mild & organic).

  • Do not place your egg in boiling water.

(2) Spiritually / Energetically cleansing your egg:

Crystals attract energy, so cleanse your crystal before and after use.

(You may also cleanse it in between use if you sense it needs needs cleansing. TIP: it'll 'feel' dull.)

There are many ways to cleanse your crystal:

  • Sound: the clear tone of a singing bowl, bell or Tibetan Tingsha prayer chime will cleanse your crystal and the area around it

  • Water: hold your crystal under flowing water for a few minutes (river or stream water is preferred over tap water)

  • Light: allow your crystal to sit in bright sunlight for a few hours or bathe it overnight in the light of a full moon overnight

  • Smoke: smudge your crystal with the smoke of a cleansing herb such as sage or frankincense or a wood such as palo santo

  • Energy: visualise a clear white or blue light entering the crystal from your hands

Should I Get A Drilled Egg?

Yoni eggs come either drilled (with a hole(s) in them) or un-drilled.

The benefits of using a drilled egg are that:

  • It can help make removal easier for beginners and for women who have a retro-flexed cervix.

  • It's great to have the option to add weights to your egg if you want to.

Yoni Egg FAQ

  1. Can I use a yoni egg while on my period? This is down to what feels intuitively right for you- everyone has a different opinion about this. Note that Ayurvedic principles advise against using anything that may interrupt with the downwards flow of energy during your menstruation. Also note that allowing your body to finish fully detoxing is ideal.

  2. Can I use a yoni egg while pregnant? This is down to what feels intuitively right for you- everyone has a different opinion about this. If you've already developed a strong yoni egg practice before your pregnancy (e.g. you've been using yoni eggs for at least 6 months), then you may choose to do this. In any case, I personally advise to: (a) consult your midwife for guidance; (b) refrain from doing anything other than gentle/passive exercises with your egg inserted; (c) you don't want to stir up energies that may cause contractions of the uterus, so gentle stones such as rose quartz may be your best option; (d) the first trimester is a delicate time- the chance of miscarriage is higher during the first three months of pregnancy, so avoid anything that may cause the uterus to contract i.e. yoni egg exercises; (e) avoid the final two trimesters also because you don't want to go into an early labour due to becoming dilated.

  3. How soon after giving birth shall I wait to use my yoni egg? Allow 4 - 6 weeks after childbirth before using your yoni egg internally. You want to allow enough time for your vaginal muscles to heal and your hormones to stabilise before resuming your practice.

  4. Can I use a yoni egg while I have an IUD? Again, this is down to what feels intuitively right for you and what your intentions are- everyone has a different opinion about this (e.g. if you are trying to build the strength of your pelvic floor muscles, use a larger eggs as they will be heavier and/or add a weight to your egg's string so that it's heavier). IUD's can withstand the thrusting and rough movements encountered during intercourse without becoming dislodged... yoni egg exercises are much gentler than these. That being said, follow your intuition and if you do decide to use an egg, only use yoni eggs that are drilled horizontally (all From Felicia yoni eggs are drilled horizontally) as the strings on eggs drilled vertically can get caught with the wires of your IUD.

  5. I'm experiencing menopause / peri-menopause. Will using a yoni egg help me? Yes, yoni eggs can help during this time to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, increase lubrication, aid with hormonal balance and mood swings. Rose quartz is a well-known stone for menopause. Many women find comfort, support, and a recovery of connection to the deep feminine from the crystal energy of yoni eggs during menopause.

  6. Can I use a yoni egg if I have a uterine, bladder, or vaginal prolapse? Speak to a medical professional about this- they are likely to recommend manual training of your pelvic floor muscles to address your prolapse.

  7. I have urinary incontinence. What sized egg should I use? If you have recently noticed an involuntary leakage, you may want to start off with a medium-sized yoni egg.

  8. My egg keeps falling/slipping out- what do I do? This understandably is very frustrating and almost feels like your body is betraying you. The size of your egg is important, however, before increasing the size you use try spending more time with your egg- getting to know it and it getting to know your yoni. Try sleeping with it in at night for a few weeks (it will rest in you horizontally). If when you stand up it still falls out pretty easily after a few weeks, consider using a larger-sized egg.

  9. Can I use a yoni egg if I have an infection? Avoid using yoni eggs if you have any type of pelvic infection- get this treated beforehand.

  10. Should I remove the egg before going to the toilet? It depends on your muscle strength- if you have weaker pelvic floor muscles, it's probably best for you to remove it before using the toilet- especially a number 2! (Make sure you do not flush your yoni egg if it drops into the toilet bowl- it will flush away!)

  11. Can I use two or three eggs at once? Yes, as long as this feels comfortable for you and intuitive- try not to force anything. Also, be mindful if you are mixing eggs e.g. using two different crystals at once. Each crystal carries a different energy and you need to go back to what your intention is for your practice.

  12. Can I just use the egg externally and not insert it into my vagina? Yes, many women just use their yoni egg as a meditation stone, placing it on their skin- on their lower belly- and focusing their attention on the warmth/energy of the crystal as they do deep womb breathing and/or womb visualisation exercises. Women also use it as a chakra stone- helping to balance the energies of their chakras.

  13. I've heard there are some crystal eggs that are not safe to be used as yoni eggs- is this true? Yes. Some crystal eggs- although shaped similar to an egg shape- are not carved exactly the same as actual yoni eggs are. (They may be bigger than traditional yoni eggs and/or may be a slightly different 'egg shape' than actual yoni eggs... making them unideal to be inserted into the vagina). This is why you should not purchase a crystal egg with the intent of using it as a yoni egg unless it's specifically described as a 'yoni egg'.

  14. I've heard there are some crystal types that should not be used for yoni eggs- is this true? Yes. Do not buy a yoni egg if it's made out of any of the following crystals: fluorine, hematite, labradorite, lapis lazuli, lazurite, malachite, moonstone, rhodochrosite, selenite, or tiger's eye. These crystals may rust or dissolve or may contain things that may be harmful to the body such as aluminium, asbestos, flourine, lead, sulfur, etc.

  15. My egg is not coming out- what do I do? Every woman who uses a yoni egg will experience this at some point in their yoni egg practice. It's normal and you shouldn't be scared. Your egg will eventually come out when it's ready (when it's finished it's work)- your egg cannot get stuck inside of you. However, if you need to speed up that exit do some yoni breathing to relax your pelvic floor muscles and guide your egg out by exhaling and relaxing your muscles simultaneously.

  16. Can I yoni steam with my egg in? No. The egg will obstruct the steam from entering your vaginal tissues, cervix, and womb space. The egg may also slip out due to the additional moisture and your vaginal muscles relaxing due to the steam.

  17. Can I have sex with my egg in? Yes, however, make sure your egg is drilled and with a string inserted, so that it's easier for you to remove (all From Felicia yoni eggs are drilled).

I'm ready for my first yoni egg!

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