***Please read our Yoni Eggs 101 Guide before using your yoni egg***



'Yoni' is a Sanskrit word meaning 'origin of life' or 'sacred space', and so is used to refer to the female reproductive area i.e. the womb, vagina, vulva etc. 'Yoni' also means 'gift of God' in Hebrew.





  • Ancient Chinese and African cultures have been using yoni eggs for thousands of years as a holistic form of kegel (pelvic floor) exercise, for womb meditation and connection, and to connect to their feminine energy.
  • The egg shape represents new life, hope, resurrection, un-hatched potential, purity, and wealth.
  • Yoni egg crystals are a natural alternative to conventional kegel balls that are often laden with chemicals, resins, dyes, plasticizers, etc.





Training your vaginal & pelvic floor muscles to hold a yoni egg will engage muscles in your reproductive centre that usually lie dormant. Stronger pelvic floor muscles result in:


  • Better bladder control- preventing urine leak/incontinence (often experienced after childbirth)
  • Stronger orgasms- increasing sexual pleasure
  • Toned pelvic floor muscles- great for childbirth preparation (to ease labour) and for recovery after childbirth
  • Rectified intestinal prolapse
  • Reduced vaginal pain and dryness





Crystals have been used for thousands of years. They connect us to Mother Nature and each has a vibrational frequency that we can tap into for healing, self-empowerment, and accessing wisdom.


Green Aventurine (Indian Jade) is believed to:


  • Calm hormonal imbalances;

  • Encourage fertility;

  • Support gynaecological problems;

  • Balance male-female energy;


Indian Jade also attracts opportunities, dissolves stress, and carries a strong connection to Mother Earth.





  • Cleanse Your Crystal: see below.
  • Lay down on your back and relax. Calm and still your mind. Let go of all expectations.
  • Warm the egg up by placing it against the skin of your lower abdomen (so it sits on top of your womb) and cover it with both hands.
  • Set your intention: your intention will direct the flow of energy from the crystal. With your hands still covering the egg, close your eyes, and take 3 deep breaths. Aloud or in your head, say a womb affirmation such as "my womb is strong, full of life, and full of creativity" or "my womb is my oracle, my portal into this world and others". You may alternatively find a prayer grounding such as "open and clear my womb". End your affirmation/prayer saying "Thank you, thank you, thank you."
  • Insert: remaining relaxed, gently insert the egg into your vagina and push it up until only the string hangs out. The larger end goes in first- you insert the egg 'upside down'. If using a string with your egg, allow it to hang outside of your vagina.
  • Keep the egg in for about 20-60mins (the egg cannot get 'lost' inside you). If using it for kegel exercises, you may add weights to the string for a more intense workout. 
  • Remove: after you've finished connecting with your crystal, squat and gently push it by using (and focusing on) your pelvic floor muscles. Push like you're having a bowel movement or pull the string gently to help with removal.
  • Cleaning: see below.





Contract your vaginal muscles for about 30 seconds and then relax them. Be intentional about how often you repeat this exercise:

  • Repeating 3 times: enhances creativity, creative self-expression, inspiration, social relationships, and optimism. 
  • Repeating 4 times: enhances focus on goals, attention to detail, sense of life purpose, and building firm foundations.
  • Repeating 5 times: enhances expression of personal freedom, sense of adventure, and changing course in one's life.





  • Beginners usually start using the largest or medium-sized yoni egg because they are the easiest to hold in the vagina. Starting with a large or medium also helps you begin to develop an awareness of your vaginal and pelvic muscles.
  • As your muscles start to tone & strengthen, reduce the size of the egg (the smaller the egg, the more muscle strength is required to grip it).
  • Our From Felicia yoni egg size guide: small (20x30mm); medium (25x35mm); large (30x45mm).



FREQUENCY OF USE: read our Yoni Egg 101 Guide.





(1) Physically Cleansing Your Egg: Wash your egg after every use with a mild & organic soap.


(2) Spiritually / Energetically Cleansing Your Egg: Crystals attract energy, so cleanse your crystal before and after use. There are many ways to do this:


  • Sound: the clear tone of a singing bowl, bell or Tibetan Tingsha prayer chime will cleanse your crystal
  • Water: hold your crystal under flowing water for a few minutes (river or stream water is preferred over tap water)
  • Light: allow your crystal to sit in bright sunlight for a few hours or bathe it overnight in the light of a full moon
  • Smoke: smudge your crystal with the smoke of a cleansing herb e.g. sage or frankincense or a wood e.g.palo santo
  • Energy: visualise a clear white or blue light entering the crystal from your hands





  • It's great to have the option to use your yoni egg with or without a string.
  • Using a string helps make removing your egg easier - this is great for beginners as you can just pull your egg out until you get used to pushing it out using your pelvic muscles.
  • Using a string is also great for women who have a retroflexed cervix.
  • Lastly, a string gives you the option of adding weights to your egg if you want to try vaginal / pelvic floor exercises.





  • Your egg comes with a string for your first use.
  • You may also purchase your egg with additional natural hemp string for subsequent uses.



Your order comes with printed yoni affirmations for your yoni-crystal connection.

Green Aventurine (Indian Jade) Yoni Egg

  • Heart (comforts, heals the heart and restores calm).