A herbal tea for a happy menstrual cycle. This bend helps balance your hormones, relieves period cramps, lightens heavy periods and helps regulate your blood flow.


We've kept it simple with 3 ingredients:


  • Organic Lady's Mantle
  • Organic Red Raspberry Leaves
  • Organic Lemon Balm



Your herbal tea with printed womb affirmations.





  • Start drinking your Happy Period Tea about a week before your period.

  • Drink daily until your period comes and daily during your period (3x a day).




  • Herbal tea drinking is an ancient practice dating back to Ancient Egypt and Ancient China.

  • You get the aromatherapy benefits as well as the benefits of hydration at the same time- something you cannot get from taking a vitamin pill.



Your tea comes in a heat-sealed pouch and the pouch is re-sealable to maintain freshness.


Net weight: 1oz (about 10 - 15 cups of tea

Happy Period Tea- Organic

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  • Ingredients Description
    Lady's Mantle

    A powerful female herb that helps relieve period cramps and pains. It lightens heavy periods and helps reduce spotting between periods.

    Red Raspberry Leaves A traditional herb that helps strengthen and tone your uterus. It eases menstrual cramps before and during your cycle by calming the uterine muscles. Also helps regulate your blood flow.
    Lemon Balm

    This herb helps to regulate your period by increasing circulation to the womb area. It balances hormones and also relieves PMS symptoms (anxiety, mood swings, depression, and headaches).


    • No fillers, no additives, no artificial coloring, no pesticides, and no artificial ingredients of any kind
    • 100% natural & organic (i.e. non-irradiated and GM-free)
    • Caffeine-free (as not made from the Camellia Sinensis plant)
    • We support sustainably harvested sources where available
    • Handmade in small batches