Over 60 journal prompts to help you process your emotions surrounding your abortion and start to make sense of what's happened...


Not everyone feels down after having an abortion (and that's ok), but if you feel down, lost, shocked, angry, ashamed etc. then these journal prompts are for you...



This printable has plenty of writing/typing space for you to get all your thoughts out of your head and onto paper.




The prompts are categorised into the following sections:


  • Morning Prompts (reflecting on how you feel in the morning)


  • Evening Prompts (reflecting on how you feel in the evening/night)


  • Post-Abortion Prompts (reflecting on how you feel soon after your abortion)


  • Guilt & Shame Prompts (dealing with feelings of shame and guilt after your abortion)


  • Responsibility & Accountability Prompts (dealing with feelings of who was responsible & accountable for your abortion)


  • Spouse/Partner Prompts- if your partner is present (reflecting on how you feel towards your spouse/partner & their own grieving process)


  • Spouse/Partner Prompts- if your partner is out the picture (reflecting on what's happened with your partner since the abortion)


  • Monthly Journal Prompts (month-end reflections on how you've been feeling)


  • Prompts To Baby (what you'd like to say to baby)



I recommend you print this PDF and journal by hand (there's something deeply connecting/grounding when we connect pen to paper).


Or, you may type in the writing spaces by using a free PDF editor such as www.pdffiller.com or adobe acrobat.


(The prompts are all visible on our Womb Wisdom Blog. However, since there are over 60 of them you may find it easier to print/download them instead of trying to write each one out by hand. This is why we've created this e-version for you to download.)



(This is an e-product - you will immediately be emailed the PDF to access your PDF upon payment. This means we are unfortunately able to accept refunds on this item. Also note that the link will expire after 30 days, so click the link & download your PDF as soon as you receive your email).

Journal Prompts For Healing From Abortion (PDF)