These mini yoni steam pouches are great for event organizers-

they're great to gift to your event attendees, to include in your goodie bags for womben to take home etc.


Each pouch contains enough herbs for 1 yoni steam session.


Each pouch comes with a set of instructions, ingredient list, and e-link to the free From Felicia DIY Yoni Steaming Guide.


Minimum order number: 5 pouches


Herbal Yoni Steam blends: choose between our Sacred Moontime Blend, Ultimate Wombman Blend, and Balanced Goddess Blend (you may mix & match if desired)



***Email for pricing info and blend options.****


(This page will always show the herbs as 'Out Of Stock' as you need to email me for pricing information and blend options. These mini pouches are not available to the general public for sale- thank you for your understanding.)

Yoni Steam Herbs: mini size for women's circles, group yoni steams etc.

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