20 beautiful yoni healing affirmations to speak over yourself during your sacred yoni steam or quiet time.


These affirmations help you connect with your feminine energy, your menstrual cycle, and your yoni (your power centre).


Each affirmation is accompanied with the gong of a Tibetan singing bowl, so that your practice is deepened with the art of sound healing.


Use this audio during your at-home yoni steam to help your mind stay focused on your womb space and to bring your heart and mind back into your body during your sacred time.


Duration: 3:41 minutes


If you prefer, purchase the Yoni Steaming Meditation Bundle to get this audio file as well as two other guided yoni meditations to help you process & move on from the hurt of womb trauma (abortion(s), miscarriage(s), sexual abuse, painful & disruptive menstrual cycles, fibroids, emotional abuse etc.)


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Yoni Steaming Affirmations Guided Affirmation