I know it may be hard / uncomfortable to know what to think about or do as you sit over your herbs steaming. 


There's the temptation to look at your phone, reply to texts, catch-up on netflix etc.


There's also the fear that you'll get 'too' emotional as our own thoughts carry with them hurt, confusion, regret, longing etc. 


That's why I've created a yoni steaming meditation bundle to help you focus your mind during your steam on your body, on your yoni, on your womb story, on your cycle, on your femininity, and on your bright future.


I've recorded 3 audios for you that you can not only *listen* to during your yoni steam but actually use as *exercises* to help you deepen your connection to your yoni and help you move forward on your womb trauma healing journey.


The audios are a mixture of yoni healing affirmations, forgiveness prayer, and DIY Rite of the Womb activation.


You can now experience *more* of what this sacred healing practice has to offer you as you now yoni steam with intention - fully present.


(Each meditation provides you 3 - 6 minutes of audio escape.)



(This is an e-product - you will immediately be emailed the PDF to access your audio upon payment. This means we are unfortunately able to accept refunds on this item. Also note that the link will expire after 30 days, so click the link & download your PDF as soon as you receive your email).

Yoni Steaming Guided Meditation BUNDLE