Hey goddess,


I've received a number of questions about where I purchased the seat I use for my at-home yoni steams (pictured).


I purchased it from Amazon a couple of years ago.


However, the seats that are currently available on there take about a month to ship- which isn't ideal.


Here's a link I found to the seats on eBay that have shorter shipping times: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Folding-Toilet-Portable-Chair-Camping-Travel-Festival-Park-Fishing-Outdoors-Seat/402328238807?hash=item5daca1bad7:g:7MoAAOSw3U1fEAZz


Again, this isn't the actual seller I bought my own seat from, but it's exactly the same as the seat I have, so should work just fine.


If you'd rather use Amazon, here's a link to find the seat: https://amzn.to/34pfXsj (affiliate link) 



(This page will always show the seat as 'Out Of Stock' as you need to purchase the seat directly from the amazon/eBay seller)

Yoni Steaming Seat

  • This seat is not a From Felicia product.


    If you have any questions/concerns about the product or your order from the supplier, these need to be directed directly to the supplier rather than 'From Felicia'.


     I assume no liability for anything that happens with your order from any eBay/Amazon supplier.


    I am merely signposting you to other places on the internet where you can purchase an affordable seat to use for your yoni-steams.